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Sit Down with Florida State track star Alex Collier

We sat down with Florida State track star Alex Collier who recently when viral for a tremendous show of athleticism. Tap in and see his plans and how FSU has helped him.

How has the Florida state community helped you grow into the person you’ve become?

It’s helped me mature and grow into a better person. I chose Florida State not only to run fast but to mature as a person coming straight out of high school to a power school and one of the top track teams in college track was a real humbling experience which helped me mature into my adult form and work harder and show that the work is never done. So now I am more hungry than ever to become successful.

You recently went viral does the attention from that make you feel like the work is paying off?

I didn’t think that video would do all of that, but it showed me that i’m not the only person watching how hard i work. i ended up getting multiple DMS about people being my fan and stuff which i didn’t expect so it doesn’t feel like my works paying off but it really makes me feel like now i know i have eyes on me so i have to work 10x harder and i can’t let off the gas.

You have great speed and strength, what would you tell the kid out there looking up to you and the mindset needed to continue to get better.

Never give up no matter how bad the situation looks. always take a positive out of every negative. if you're losing look deeper into it. maybe your the only freshman in a senior race, maybe you ran a faster time then you’ve ever ran. it’s always a positive in each negative. analyze anything you do and take a positive out of it. you can be mad at the result but never let the result take you away from what your doing to make yourself better.

What’s your mindset going into championship weekend?

Focused, I just want to run to the best of my abilities. this is my first indoor championship since being injured last year so I’m coming in to take something and give the competition hell I know people work hard, but i know my team works hard to. i’m prepared for war and so are my brothers.

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